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Tranquillity Through Transcendence

Let our experienced professionals guide you to the perfect balance of body, mind, and soul at Pullman Spa & Salon, which offers International therapies & Indian Ayurveda for body and face. A sanctuary for city dwellers and travelers alike, a getaway for your mind-body-and-soul in the middle of chaos; everything you see, taste, touch, hear, and smell harmoniously assist create a welcoming balance to your energy, leaving you entirely rejuvenated.


Immerse yourself in an indulgent sojourn that celebrates YOU, an experience supported by the four cornerstones of our services at Pullman Spa & Salon- Hydration, Detox, Balancing & Age-defence. 


Revel in the bespoke environs of the sprawling space – a luxurious oasis you can call your own that breathes new life into your emotional, mental and physical state of being.


At Pullman Spa & Salon we use indigenous handcrafted Ayurvedic products – the country’s foremost authentic, traditionally celebrated skin care brands, with its foundation rooted deep into the ancient science of Ayurveda.


Each product is painstakingly molded using methods passed down through countless generations while adhering to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality.


The Spa offerings at Pullman Spa are painstakingly researched to provide a detailed and well-thought-of list of treatments for the contemporary well-heeled globe trotter in search of an experience that is luxurious yet therapeutically restorative. Ensuring an inclusive service menu, Pullman & Spa has taken into consideration every aspect of life, leisure, work, and temperament.


Our Massage Rituals & Spa Indulgences will allow you to Revive and Renew from the physical and mental stress. Our celebrated & timeless Ayurveda section – The way of Life will help reduce stress levels, improve sleep and delay the signs of aging. Our meticulously designed Body Rituals infused with the natural goodness of fresh fruits, vegetables, and Indian herbs will help, Exfoliate, Purify, firm, and regenerate, imparting vitality and smoothness through intensive exfoliation.


Pullman Spa & Salon is a friendly and welcoming respite from the stresses of typical daily living. It is a treat! It offers a variety of specialized and personalized skincare treatments for men and women, such as facials, pedicures, manicures, hair styling, hair care, make-up, coloring, and more. Whether you are looking for a complete hair makeover or just maintaining your current look, the stylist at the Pullman Spa & Salon has updated you on all of the latest hair care and styling techniques.


We offer the most lavish services using internationally trusted products and Ayurveda for professional treatments for Spa and Salon. Spoil yourself in Pullman Spa’s exciting, high-energy atmosphere of creativity staffed with motivated, energetic, and talented professional hairstylists. Pullman Spa & Salon’s hairdresser and staff are passionate about every facet of your hair.


Pullman spa & salon’s continual quest for education, their attention to detail, great consultations, and superior quality designs make it “All about YOU!” Let the color experts help you choose the perfect shade as per the health of the hair and the color tone of the skin. Whether you’re going for a more sophisticated style or something innovative the stylist will custom blend it to compliment your look and enhance it. Experience the best services at the hands of well-trained and skilled staff to get a relaxed and memorable grooming time.


Should you want to delve into Yoga & Santulan- our skilled trainers will focus on your specific strengths and needs and will tailor-make a session and usher you into the world of fitness.


Take that first step in The Pullman Spa & Salon… we’ll take care of the rest of your journey.


Spa timings: 0800 to 2300 hours

For appointments, contact +91 9205477222 or mail

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